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March 29, 2008

Never Give Up On Your Dream!

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Here comes that dreamer… let’s kill him.
 Genesis 37:19-20 TM
Daily Bible Reading:
Ecclesiastes 9-12, Luke 6:17-26, Psalm 104:24-35, Proverbs 3:11-12

Joseph was a dreamer. His life teaches us the following lessons:

(1) Don’t give up on your dream, though you didn’t start well. At 17 Joseph dreamed that one day his family would bow down to him. But he made the mistake of sharing that information with them. And it got him into a lot of trouble. But it didn’t stop him. The beginning of a dream often generates more enthusiasm than wisdom. We say and do things we shouldn’t. But Joseph encourages us to recapture the dream we abandoned.

(2) Don’t give up on your dream, though others don’t support it. Joseph’s brothers said, “Look, this dreamer is coming… let us now kill him.” It’s hard to keep your dream alive when others are trying to kill it. But when your dream comes from God it holds you, even when you’re unable to hold it!

(3) Don’t give up on your dream, though your journey is full of surprises. Your dream will invite attack; don’t let that discourage you! Attack is a sign of respect. It means you haven’t been defeated. Five times we read: “The Lord was with Joseph.” And He’s with you too!

(4) Don’t give up on your dream, though it takes a lifetime to fulfil. Twenty-three years passed before Joseph’s dream was fulfilled, but in the end he ruled his family, was reconciled with his brothers, and saved the nation. You never know what God’s timetable will look like. The important thing to remember is – never give up on your dream!


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